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Books that changed my life, now download Free as eBooks!


Day 6 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hi friends, some Christmas freebies today, yay! Below are some of the books I have read that I can truly say have changed my life and set me up on the path to a great attitude, strong mindset and success. To me there is nothing more special then being able to share my knowledge and ideas of how to create a world of abundance.

To be honest I am getting sick of calling it the “self” help industry, it should be called “together” help. Working all together to teach each other new ideas and create change. Together everyone achieves more.

I am getting sick of calling it the 'self' help industry, it should be called 'together' help. Click To Tweet

Feel free to download these free eBooks as PDFs which I have made available so I can share the ideas I have read about with you! Your welcome.

You may prefer, as I do, to download the Audio Book version which I have provided links to below. ( I Love Audio Books!!)

Audible.com (Not Free, but worth every cent!)

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