Coffee Buddy and the 7 day startup challenge by Dan Norris

Day 20 of 30 Day blog challenge.

So after some thinking, a business partner and I have decided to reopen an old idea. 2.5 years ago we had an idea to create an app that helped coffee drinker across Melbourne save money while consuming large amounts of coffee everyday. We went all in and we went too complicated. We spent a crap load of money (10K) to create and Apple and Android version of our app. Why? Who bloody knows. I’ll go into all the detail in a podcast soon.

Quick Lesson learned – If you have an app idea test it via a mobile site first, when it gets traction then build the app.

Now that we are older and maybe wiser we have decided to apply some of the lean startup principles and take part in the 7 day startup challenge by Dan Norris

So if you live in melbourne and want to be part of the first coffee lovers to be a coffee buddy member, head over to the site and enter your email to be notified when we go live! HowItWorks