I made it! – 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 30 of 30 Day Blog Challenge – Done!

Hi Friends,

WOW! The end of this Challenge has come, and what a Journey it has been. I answer some questions about the experience, if you did not do the challenge then I hope you join me on some of my upcoming challenges.

Was the challenge what you expected?

No and Yes, I actually thought this challenge would be about writing blogs, so this part was as expected. What I did not expect to learn is how much my blog would evolve of the 30 days to have more features. What I found is this while I was writing different types of blogs I was thinking of new features to add to my blog, like image light boxes, sign up forms and cool plugins like tweet this. The more I blogged and shared the more I learned.

What did you learn from the challenge?

The main thing I learned from this challenge was that you need to plan ahead and be organised. Towards the end I started to be less organised and I ran into writers block and had no idea what to blog about. I also learned that I hate writing. lol I know that sounds strange given that I have a blog but I am not designed to blog daily. Moving forward it will be weekly or even a few times a month, when I have something solid to share. I also learned that I enjoy doing videos and recording more, in fact I even thought about speaking my blogs and have someone transcribe them, but I think video is the future so stand by as I start vlogging! 30 Day Challenge vLog style is coming!

Who would you recommend this challenge to?

I would recommend this to anyone who has just started a blog or someone who has stopped blogging, the 30 day challenge hands down got me off my ass and doing work. One night I was in ben and was like SHIT i forgot to blog. So up I got and got blogging. This challenge is great to get into the habit of not only blogging, but also being at the shops and have a blog idea coz you just saw or heard something random. I use trello to plan my blogs, so when I had these moments I would add it to my ideas list.

What did you struggle the most with? 

The biggest struggle for me was coming up with ideas that I wanted to write about, see I can talk about business and tip for hours, but when it comes to writing about it, different story.

Did you find any part of the challenge easy?

Setting up on wordpress was the easiest part, the rest takes work and commitment. If you really want to make this work for you, you will find a way. It is ok to quit if you find that it is not working, only thing I would suggest is find something that does work. Like maybe guest blogging, video blogging or something simple like a photo a day with a quote.

Did you ever want to quit?

I will be honest, in the last 7 days, maybe 14 times. The last 7 days was by far the hardest, it was the last stretch but was easy to say to myself “well I did most of it, go me!”

Any last tips?

Do this challenge with a group of friends, it is much easier when you are accountable in a group, I guess that is with most things.

Will you do more challenges?

YES! – Head over to my 30 day challenge page to see more and keep up to date.

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

Are you a Multipotentialite? Yes, it is a real word, the video explains!

Day 29 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Friends,

Today I would like to introduce you to a new word, Multipotentialite.

I became rather excited when I watched Emilie Wapnick TED Talk, video is below for your enjoyment. I was excited because for too long I was under the thought that I needed to be one thing when I grew up. Why is that? Why can you not be a farmer and a digital marker?

I often would read that you need to find your one true passion and then do that to be successful, but for me I had passion for more than one thing and the things I was passionate about were not closely connected, and to top that off, they all made me happy!

If you read my CV you would think I had some split personalities going on, Self Employed, Web Designer, LED Lighting, Caravans, Business Owner, GM! Arrr! stop too much!

After watching the TED talk and discovering what a Multipotentialite was I felt at home and relaxed. I knew that there were others in the same boat, I also realised that I am a Multipotentialite, the best things about the talk was when Emilie talks about intersections. My mind blew up and the ideas started to flow. The though of getting multiple passions, finding their intersections and creating a career in that! Truly a Ah ha moment for me.

Enough from me, watch the TEDTalk below!

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

Get a mentor – They don’t even have to know.

Day 28 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Friends,

I have to say that in every book I read, every webinar I watch or seminar I attend, a tip that is always shared is to get a mentor. I would even go as far as saying why stop at 1, you can have many mentors and in fact they don’t even need to know.

While the best outcome would be to have a mentor that you can sit in a room and have a one on one chat with, another option is to find someone who inspires you so much that you just would like to be like them. An example of this would be that many people who want to be a great basketball players would have just wanted to be like Michael Jordan (MJ). In a way people who become obsessed with MJ and watch all his games and know his moves would have been indirectly “mentored” by MJ.

You can apply this in the business world too and these days with social media and google you can find everything about someone who inspires you, for me someone like Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee) would be someone I aspire to and I watch and read everything #GaryVee. I have all his books, watch his videos, read his blog, follow on social and he does not even know it however he is someone I hands down refer to as a mentor. (well he knows now, if he reads this!)

So be sure to find someone you are inspired by and copycat what they are doing, watch and read all their content and chances are you may just turn out like them!

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

Here is an idea… Manage your energy, not your time.

Day 27 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Friends,

So you work 60-hour weeks, grab something to eat when you can (usually something processed and pre-packaged that you eat while you’re working or driving), rarely exercise, and are sleep deprived and exhausted. Sound bloody familiar? It’s the way of life for many and it’s leaving us distracted, unengaged, and unhealthy. That’s because we are trying to accomplish as much as possible in a certain number of hours.

What if I told you it doesn’t have to be this way? What if I told you that there’s a better way? I’ve found that by managing my energy instead of managing my time, my productivity and my quality of life has improved.

I made life changes that give me more energy, and I’m accomplishing more in less time believe it or not. I also feel better. There are so many things you can do to increase your energy. A big one is to improve your sleep and also start doing meditation.

You also need to know when you operate at your best, if you are a morning person then you need to do the important tasks first and do them in the morning, and if you work better after 9pm then this is when you need to do your important work. Get it?

Next time you need to increase productivity, manage your energy and not your time. Click To Tweet

Most of us are sleep-deprived. There is a lot of information on the internet about how you can improve your sleep. Developing a nighttime routine, cutting alcohol out or back, and turning all electronics off an hour or two before going to bed are a few of the things I learned about that are easy to do. Simply improving your quantity of sleep will increase your energy, allowing you to more fully engage with friends and family and accomplish more in less time. I am not saying you need to sleep more, you just need to sleep better.

Long stretches of work without a break drains your energy as well. Take a break a couple of times a day. Set an alarm on your phone or computer if you have to so you don’t forget. When the alarm goes off, get up from your desk, go for a walk, get a drink of water, go outside if possible get some fresh air. Your head will be clear again and the movement will get your blood moving again, giving you that energy boost. On a plus side the extra exercise a couple of times a day will help you sleep better too!

Managing your energy also benefits your workplace, whether you work for yourself or someone else. Studies show that companies whose employees manage their energy are more productive and have less turnover than other companies. Their employees take fewer sick days and accomplish more through the day.

Taking steps to manage your energy instead of your time benefits you, your friends, your family and your workplace. So next time you need to increase productivity, manage your energy and not your time.

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

Have you discovered the power of deep breathing?

Day 26 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Friends,

Did you know that your brain consumes over 20% of the oxygen that you breath in?

The quality of the oxygen you breath is critical to the health of your blood and your brain function. If you are not getting enough oxygen in your lungs which oxygenates your blood and flows to your brain you will not perform at your best, your thinking will be cloudy and you feel tired.

A great way to get more oxygen into your blood is to exercise so your breathing increases and you take deep breaths which fills more of your lungs with oxygen. It is your lower lungs that has the ability to absorb more oxygen into your blood.

You can also force your lungs to breath in more oxygen. I recall being at a Tony Robbins event where he asked us to breath in, hold it, then he asked us to breath in a bit more and hold it, a bit more and then a bit more. Try it, you can always breath that little more. You doing it? Go on.

Doing this three times a day will energise you to a level that will be surprising! Click To Tweet

Happy deep breathing and a toast to more energy and feeling better!

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

Do Rocks first, then pebbles and play with sand LAST.

Day 25 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Friends,

Do Rocks first, then pebbles and play with sand LAST.

What the hell am I talking about? You need to watch this video and it will all make so so so much sense.

It seems so simple yet hardly anyone is doing it. Doing this alone will make you kick MASSIVE goals.

Moral of the Story? Do the important tasks first and then fill the gaps with less important tasks. I know this sounds so basic but I really think the video gives everyone a powerful visualization of what you are doing if you fill your life with stupid sand tasks.

So before you go anywhere, work out what your BIG rocks are and work towards getting them in your bucket of life!

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

If you never have enough time in the day, you need to read this.

Day 23 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hi Friends,

Today I want to quickly share something that I did, that I know will instantly gave you more time in everyday.

This is not some ground breaking news. This is not a high level pro tip. This is not rocket science. It really should be common sense.

All you have to do is delete every time wasting app off your phone, uninstall all the games from your computer and cancel your netflix subscription. And maybe stop with the game consoles while we at it.

Let me tell you, if you want to gain more time than others around you this one discipline alone will give you a competitive advantage. While they play, you hustle!

if you want to gain more time than others around you this one discipline alone will give you a competitive advantage. Click To Tweet

I can not remember the last time I watch live TV with time wasting Ads, I have never owned a game console and Angry Birds… what the hell is that. (the FB invites were enough to waste some of my time) You need to use your time wisely, every bloody second matters.

Time is the one thing we all have equal. yet we all use it so differently. We all have 86,400 seconds a day and you should spend it as wisely as you do with money. Unlike money, this time bank account fills up with 86,400 more every day. make every single second matter.

So think about it, what are you doing right now, is that getting you closer to your goals and dreams?

Night, I am off to hustle.


Business card networking is DEAD, you need to be SOCIAL networking. Are you ready?

Day 22 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hi Friends,

I have some bad news today, the traditional way of networking is DEAD, that is right, you can not longer expect to go to a networking event and hand out business cards or collect them and see your business grow.

We live in a time where everything is high-tech and people are looking for high touch experience when they meet with you. They need to know that you care and you have their interest at heart.

Of late I have started to connect and network using social media and other alternative way.

Here is what I do, when I am at a networking event and people ask me for a business card my response is I don’t have one, let’s connect on linkedin or FB. This enables us to be in contact a lot easier then emails, because let’s face it, email is the new snail mail.

Using SOCIAL media is the new way of networking, over the past 4 weeks I have been revving up my social activity and the amount of like minded and amazing people I have meet via comment chats or direct messages is unreal. The amazing thing is that I can be doing this kind of networking 247, while I am on the train, while I am multitasking and for the hell of it, even in bed in the last hours of hustle.

I 100% still go to networking events as you need to be see to be heard, in fact these days when I go to networking events I try to be more involved with the organization of the event or even be a speaker at the event. If you really want to be noticed then hands down you need to be on the stage, that gives you the best possible chance to meet the most amount of people in the room, with the least amount of effort. Sure that makes Tim Ferriss very happy.

Listen more than you talk, use your ears and mouth ration 2:1 Click To Tweet

My networking tips in somewhat order.

  • Be clear on who you would like to meet and why?
  • Your goal is to have people, Know, Like and Trust you!
  • Be the speaker of the event or host, if that is not possible be the one person in the room that people want to meet.
  • Start conversations by asking simple but open ended questions.
  • Networking is like dating, don’t ask for marriage on the first date.
  • Listen more than you talk, use your ears and mouth ration 2:1
  • IF and only IF you have enjoyed the chat, thank them for their time and ask if they would like to continue the chat after the event.
  • Add on social on the spot! if you have to, get a business card. (Read below what I do when I get a business card)
  • The next day follow your new friend around on social, not stalker style either, DO NOT like old photos that is wired)
  • Then you Jab, Jab, Jab and then Right Hook! (If you don’t know what this is then you need to subscribe to be alerted of my podcast, i’ll be covering that off soon)
  • JV, Partner, Guest Blog, Do lunches and help each other grow & win, win, win!

What I do IF I happen to get a business card

In fact, I often don’t even take the card from them, I simply take a photo. Why? Great Question, not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it enables me to email it to my VA who will try to find the person on social, send friend request and then types all the info right into my iCloud contact so just like BAM the details are in my phone! hey presto! Surly as business owners our time can be used to solve greater problems. right?

Hope you have enjoyed this, please comment below your networking tips, tricks and success.


Writers Block

Day 21 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hey Friends,

Today I am suffering with writer’s block. I have re-written this post like 4-5 times. Always being not happy with what I have written or what I want to say just does not come out with the same passion when written.

Today I have had a major breakthrough and this is what the 30 day blog challenge is all about. I have come to the realisation that writing is just not my jam.

Talking on the other hand I can chew your ear off, with hight quality learning, tips and ideas of course.

This has just made me want to launch my podcast so much more. Make sure you are on the alert list and get updated when I go live. CAN NOT F’EN WAIT!

Till next time make sure you are always sharpening the saw. Learn Heaps, Teach More!

Coffee Buddy and the 7 day startup challenge by Dan Norris

Day 20 of 30 Day blog challenge.

So after some thinking, a business partner and I have decided to reopen an old idea. 2.5 years ago we had an idea to create an app that helped coffee drinker across Melbourne save money while consuming large amounts of coffee everyday. We went all in and we went too complicated. We spent a crap load of money (10K) to create and Apple and Android version of our app. Why? Who bloody knows. I’ll go into all the detail in a podcast soon.

Quick Lesson learned – If you have an app idea test it via a mobile site first, when it gets traction then build the app.

Now that we are older and maybe wiser we have decided to apply some of the lean startup principles and take part in the 7 day startup challenge by Dan Norris

So if you live in melbourne and want to be part of the first coffee lovers to be a coffee buddy member, head over to the site and enter your email to be notified when we go live! HowItWorks


Who am I following at the moment?

Day 19 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hi Friends,

This blog will become a regular feature for my blog. I basically will share with you who I think is producing must read material and why I am following their every move online. No there is no peeking through windows or following them pretending to read a newspaper… Ummm well maybe a little.

So who is who and why!

Number One – Simon Sinek

Simon-Sinek-start-with-why-photo120@Simon is by far in my opinion the most inspiring TED talk creator by far. I follow EVERYthing that Simon does online and posts. His Facebook feed is always full of life changing thoughts and ideas.

Ever since reading Simon’s book in 2008-2009 I have changed everything I do, I always run things through my “why” filter and ensure what I am doing aligns with my why, I start with WHY! this blogs is an example of this 100%

If you do nothing else right now, you at least need to watch this 18 min video of Simon’s TED Talk


Number Two – Gary Vaynerchuk

GaryVee@Gary is full of energy and just says things as they are, he is real, walks the talk and hands down getting shit done. His videos are what I watch, everything from his first videos on stage to his youtube show called #askGaryVee

Fresh out of college Gary took his family wine business and grew it from a $3M to a $60M using youTube and starting Wine Library TV in early 2000’s before youTube was massive. Gary gets in early and hustles the f%#k out of a platform to make it work for him. He has done it over and over. Everything he predicts happens. He is 100% next level and I don’t know why you are still reading and not following him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat (Use snapchat code on the right), [insert 300 other social platforms here] and youTube


Number Three – Troy Dean

troy-dean-round-600-300x300-circle@Troy is the bomb! I am so inspired by Troy’s story and what he has been able to create using his knowledge and the internet. Troy says that he freakin’ looooves the internet and he uses it to build awesome things and help people. He has a few projects on the go WP Elevation and Video User Manuals.

Troy has a kick ass podcast and produces some amazing videos and training. He also raves on about Recurring Revenue being the holy grail and I bloody agree. Check it out!

I personally have completed his WP Elevation program and it changed the way I look at online business and WordPress (that’s what WP stands for if you did not know)

One thing @troydean, @garyvee and @simonsinek have in common is they CARE, and it is 100% genuine. Click To Tweet

I have met Troy in person so tick! however I have yet to meet Gary and Simon but its on the bucket list, if you know how you can help me make this happen please reach out, like right NOW!

I would like to see more females embrace the online marketing space so let me know if there are any females that I should add to my follow list for my next who and I following blog

MASSIVE ACTION TASK – In the comments below please share who you follow and why? 

What is something in your business that you are stuck on?

Day 18 of 30 Day blog challenge.

So today I am bit strapped for time so just a quick post to ask for your to email me the answer to this question.

What is something in your business that you are stuck on? What is holding you back? send your questions to ray@milidoni.com.au and I will be sure to help out as much as I can and also this will help me build podcast content.

Thanks in advanced!

Just another Quote

Day 17 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hey Friends,

Just a quick post today, every now and then I like to put quotes on my Facebook and Instagram, oh what is that…? Daily you say…? oh ok you got me, if you follow me on Facebook and Insta you will see that I do post a quote or something positive and inspiring on the daily.

About 2 years ago I decided to change the theme of my Facebook as in a whole FB was becoming a feed of negative crap! So I decided to fill my feed up with a splash of positive content. Hope you enjoy it.

Be sure to add me on Facebook and also follow me on Instagram

@raymildoni and #razorSharp


Dream BIG Dreams

Day 16 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hey Friends,

Why is it that when we are young we dream a lot and we dream big crazy dreams. As children we dream creative about being the captain of a planet full of weird looking aliens and we have lasers beams shot from our eyes. I know far more creative than realistic but at least it’s a dream in ones mind. It does not matter what the dream is, it’s the importance that we just open our creative mind and dream! It seems that when we get older, we get too busy and the creative dream factory shuts down.

Great news is that we can reopen our dream factory, all you need to do is DREAM! be creative! start by dreaming about a holiday you want, what success looks like, that new home you want, what your new car colour will be or what your ideal job is, it all helps open the factory and get the ideas and dreams following. The more we force ourselves to dream the more natural it becomes, and soon you will dream about everything possible and your life will change. The factory is open for business!

One technique which I have started to use is one know as “back to the future thinking” (BTTFT) it has appeared in many books I have read and I have also heard it on stage when attending personal development seminars. BTTFT is the ability to think of a dream goal, say a new car, and you think about having the car in the future and you can see that in 5 years you have this awesome new car you had always wanted. As you look at the car in your mind 5 years from now you look backwards and see what you needed to do to achieve this goal. You go from the goal in the future all the way back to right now, and look at what you needed to do. Did you need a new job, did you need to work longer hours, did you need to get more training in your field to get a promotion, what you need to do will be clear to you. Many of us know what we need to do differently we just have no motivation to do it any better. Hopefully the BTTFT technique can help you find a motive, now you know why and what you are working towards.

In an upcoming Razor Sharp show I will show you some of the dreams I have, how I set goals and how I achieved them. Be sure to sign up (form on the right) and be on the alert list of when the show goes live. 

Dreams can be whatever you want them to be, but keep in mind that you need to turn dreams in memories. It is good to have many dreams but there is no point in having many dreams that stay as dreams all your life. You need to take action and turn your dreams into memories.

I will also highly recommend that you do not keep your dreams in your mind, you need to write your dreams down onto paper. An idea is to have a dream book, this can be any book you like and you write your dreams down, you might even get pictures and stick them in. Also try and write a date you would like to achieve that dream, the date might not be an accurate date like 1st of July 2020, you may simply say that you would like to achieve the dream before you’re 35 years old. A method you can use is SMART goals.

Your dreams should be realistic and ones that you know you can achieve, if not your mind will shut off and all your dreams will become blurred.

You can not hit a target you can not see.

Lights, Cameras and Action – Just like in the show business no one starts doing anything till they yell ACTION, and life is the same. You can not have dreams and goals but sit on the couch and watch TV. That shit ain’t going to work out for you, trust me. You need to take MASSIVE ACTION in your life in order to make your dreams and goal happen.

You need to take MASSIVE ACTION in your life in order to make your dreams and goal happen. Click To Tweet

Below is a list of topics your dreams and goals can be about, remember the sky is the limit. Go crazy and have fun achieving all your dreams and goals. Remember to always take someone special with you along for the ride.

Dream about;

  • Health and Wellness
  • Wealth
  • Cars
  • Homes
  • Lifestyle
  • Trips, Holidays and Cruises
  • Pets
  • Businesses
  • Careers and Job

Today was Farm Day!

Day 15 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hey friends,

Just a quick post today to let you all know that I am exhausted from working all day on the farm.

We transported a ute and trailer full of blue stones for future projects and spent the day dealing with the thistle weed outbreak we have.

What I love about working on the farm even though it can be tough is that it is very peaceful and grounding to be in the middle of nature.

It is 100% a great place to think and plan for the future.

We brought our farm in 2015 and it was a life goal. Now we are setting it up for our retirement future. #gottaplanearly

If you would like to know more about the farm check out our Facebook page or follow on Instagram @remaFarm

One Thing Equals EVERYTHING

Day 14 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hey Friends,

Have you ever noticed that organised people at work tend to be organised in other parts of their life? 

Given that today is the 1st of the 1st I thought it would be fitting to share this principle. One thing = everything.  

This principle basically highlights that the way people do one thing is how they will do everything. 

Let me throw you an example. Someone who is super neat with their car is highly likely to have other parts of their life neat, like their desk at work, their bedroom and even their mind. Everything will be neat. 

With this in mind it also means that we can tell a lot about someone by the way they act or present themselves.  

The biggest example that just gets me so mad is when people say on their resume/CV that they have attention to detail however they have bullet points that don’t even line up. Are you bloody shitting me? I will be honest I rip these CVs up. 

Friends it is important to always act within in your zone of beliefs, don’t say you are something like a tidy person but your car has not been cleaned since 1995, your room is a mess and your to do lists look like a mind map. 

One thing = Everything. - The way people do one thing is how they will do everything. Click To Tweet

I am not saying that you need to judge people too quickly but keep in mind that someone who let’s say can not get their act together when pitching to you, will not have their act together when doing business with you. Simple. Stay away and find someone that aligns with your expectations.

So remember everyone is always watching and one thing equals everything. 

#razorSharp – Always be sharpening the saw.


Happy New Year – You ready for a MASSIVE 2016?

Day 13 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hi Friends,

Just a quick one to say Happy New Year, I am soooo excited for what 2016 will bring for me and also for you. Watching others around me win is super rewarding for me!

In the next 4 Weeks I will be launching my podcast called, The Razor Sharp Show, be sure to join the alert list so you know when I go live. Below are some fun screenshots of me testing the setup.

I just love when you pause a video, it always makes me look so amazing! agree?


This short post will have the biggest impact on you… I promise!

Day 12 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hey Friends,

bookLeft1Today I would like to introduce you to Simon Sinek, he truly changed my life! We have not met yet but I follow everything that Simon does online, yes stalker style!

I read his book, “Start With Why” 5 years ago in 2011 and ever since I have defined my WHY and filter everything through it. I really mean everything. This blog and what I will launch in 2016 are all things I wanted to start to align more with my WHY.

While I highly, highly, highly recommend that you read the book, you will also get super inspired by his TED talk below. In fact it will be the best 18 minutes and 4 seconds of your life.

Start to understand that people don't buy what you do... they buy WHY you do it. Thanks @simonsinek Click To Tweet WIN: I will pick someone at random who shares this tweet above to win a copy of “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek book!

After you watch the video and order the book, start to think about what your WHY is and truly start to understand that people don’t buy what you do… they buy WHY you do it. let me say that again. Truly start to understand that people don’t buy what you do… they buy WHY you do it.

Whatever you do, private or business make sure it aligns with your WHY!

Yearly Challenge – 2016 I go Vegetarian

Hey Friends in 2016 I go Vegetarian!

Day 11 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Every year myself and a few friends do a yearly challenge. In 2016 we have decided to go Vegetarian for the whole year and also 1 month in 2016 be vegan, like most of the challenges they stick, so for me I am planning to be Vegetarian from 2016 and beyond.

The yearly challenge is great for willpower but it is also great for lifestyle and building habit. In 2015 we started to shop local and ditch shopping at the large supermarket chains like Coles and Safeway, this is 100% something that I will continue to do forever. Not only did we support local business we also saved money, who would have thought!

Some of the past yearly challenges have included, no coffee, no fast food, no soft drink and shop local.

So come on and jump on board, have a think about what challenge you need to do and commit for only 1 year, or even just do it for 1 month.

The best feeling is when you get to the end and you know that you can do it, and that you have the willpower to commit. If you can do a simple yearly challenge, then you can do anything.

Looking forward to sharing the journey with you all.

Comment below what challenge you will do in 2016!

Lots of Love