Vipassana Meditation: The Power of Silence Bringing Out the Best in You

Hi Friends,

I kinda wanna start singing, ” You say it best, when you say nothing at ALL” but I won’t…

Have you ever had that time when you cannot concentrate at work during the whole day, but you wake up in the middle of the night and, all of a sudden, you come up with a groundbreaking marketing strategy? How about that time when a bright business idea comes to your mind while you’re taking a shower?

Ever wondered why the best ideas come to mind during those times? It is because of silence. We think the most and get the best clarity when it is silent because we are away from things that could distract our train of thoughts – you know like our mobile phones, the television, our social media accounts, our email, etc.

Meditation is very important when it comes to bringing out the best of us. Everyday, we get preoccupied with our daily responsibilities. We are too busy to stop and meditate because we have deadlines to meet and tasks to complete, so we force ourselves to create and think. When it is silent, however, it is just us and our thoughts alone, so we get to discover and see how far and wide our mind can actually explore. When we meditate, it is actually when we can think.

On my bucket list is The Vipassana Meditation Camp which is a great avenue for you to understand the power of silence and use it to your advantage. It is learned by attending a 10-day residential course with a qualified teacher where the student is free from distractions so that the reality within can be observed. This ancient technique of meditation focuses on the connection between the mind and the body, helping you dissolve mental impurities and realize how you, as a person, are connected to your environment. Vipassana Meditation develops a person’s awareness, self-observation, clarity, self-control, and thought organization. Learn more about this amazing technique and enlist yourself for a life-changing camp by visiting their website.

So when you are cramped up and pressured to think… sit down, relax, go into silence, and breathe. You’ll be surprised with what pops out of your mind. After all, the answer is already in your head… you just have to listen to it.

Till next time, #staySharp.

#RazorSharp – Ray

How Your Weakness Can Drive You to Success

Hi Friends,

Everybody will agree that a good leader is someone who knows their strengths and their assets. That is true, indeed. But for me, what separates a great leader from a pool of just good leaders is knowing their weakness, their areas for improvement, their Achilles’ heel.

It takes a lot of courage to know and accept where you are weak at. After all, it is difficult to admit to yourself that there is something you don’t know or something you are not good at. This becomes a game of ego and self-confidence, and how well you are willing to be “vulnerable” when it comes to business and leadership. But a great leader is not afraid of their weakness, and even uses it to their advantages.

We are humans, after all. We are not expected to be perfect, and we can never be. It’s okay to have a weak point, everyone has some. But it is something that you should not deny to yourself. In fact, you MUST find a way to know where you are weak at because this is, believe it or not, a key factor towards achieving success.

One secret towards a successful venture is working with other people. But how will you choose the perfect pool of talents who will work with you. Instead of hiring people who has the same skills as you because you “clicked”, a better approach is to actually hire people who are good at the things that you are not. Imagine, for example, that you are not good at creating sales presentations. Having another person who is also not good at sales presentation will not push your sales up, no matter how great your products is. A successful leader will rather hire someone who is talented at selling and marketing in order to complement each other. This way, they are working better as a team because one person fills up the weakness of the other. Aside from saving time and effort, this ensures that all areas needed in order to succeed are covered and handled well.

The best partnership is one with complementing skills. Set ego aside and admit that there are things that you are not good at, because this will be your starting point in finding the best person who can help you in achieving success. By knowing your weak points, you will have a better understanding of what you need to look for in order to reach the results that you desire.

Know what you are not good at, because this will be your starting point in finding the best person for you to achieving success. Click To Tweet

Always, Always, Always pick to work with someone that compliments your skills, that my friends is how you will be#RazorSharp

Till next time, #staySharp.

Ray Milidoni

Content is no longer the king. Contact is king.

In the ‘old days’ if you wanted to get a foot in the door of a big time company it wasn’t so much who you knew but what you knew. Your ability to do the job, no matter what kind of job, was determined by your resume and your interview. Today, things have switched and it is far more important to ‘know people’, lots of people, people who can help you.

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Content no longer rules the throne; the energy level has switched to who you know and if you know enough people you will have an edge. You can have the best resume (content) but if you can’t promote that resume to more than one or two employers you don’t get the job. You need a following and the more the merrier.

You have to market yourself and your qualifications. Put together the best resume; get professional help with that if you can. Then you need to get that resume out to the right people. There are many ways to do that including:

  • Your family – immediate and extended only who they know don’t work for them!
  • Your friends – close or semi-close, a little spam is ok, but don’t look desperate.
  • Your neighbors – former and current they all can chip in
  • Your Facebook friends – you never know who they might know
  • Your Twitter followers – tweets are powerful

The list goes on and the more people who get access to your resume the better shot you have of getting an interview. Make sure your ‘content’ gets into as many hands as possible. Follow-up is important. If Joe Jones says he will get your resume into the right hands at his company, will he? Give him time and then follow-up with Joe, but don’t push.

Always be sure to put on a professional face when dealing in cyberspace. Use a professional looking photo of yourself. You want your followers and friends to want to promote you.

If you are sincere, honest and reliable you want your friends to help you. You want them to want you to be the best you can be. This can’t be accomplished without a lot of personal interaction with those who can benefit you.

You’ve seen the others, the Court Jesters…the silly people who roam the internet without purpose. You have purpose; you want to make sure the world knows it. The world has become a much smaller place with the internet. Use it to your advantage. These days personal brand is not optional, you 100% need your personal brand in order.

You do have to be careful not to get too pushy, too over-the- top. Being eager to get ahead doesn’t mean you should walk all over people to get there. Every word you type when you are online are words that thousands of people will have access to. Do it correctly because it’s not so much what you know but who you know.

Lastly clean up your social platforms, get rid of those drunken pictures our clubbing and acting like a fool. Make sure your posts have nothing that could be seen as not politically correct and make sure your profile photos look good and are of you, not your kids or some beach view.



I made it! – 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 30 of 30 Day Blog Challenge – Done!

Hi Friends,

WOW! The end of this Challenge has come, and what a Journey it has been. I answer some questions about the experience, if you did not do the challenge then I hope you join me on some of my upcoming challenges.

Was the challenge what you expected?

No and Yes, I actually thought this challenge would be about writing blogs, so this part was as expected. What I did not expect to learn is how much my blog would evolve of the 30 days to have more features. What I found is this while I was writing different types of blogs I was thinking of new features to add to my blog, like image light boxes, sign up forms and cool plugins like tweet this. The more I blogged and shared the more I learned.

What did you learn from the challenge?

The main thing I learned from this challenge was that you need to plan ahead and be organised. Towards the end I started to be less organised and I ran into writers block and had no idea what to blog about. I also learned that I hate writing. lol I know that sounds strange given that I have a blog but I am not designed to blog daily. Moving forward it will be weekly or even a few times a month, when I have something solid to share. I also learned that I enjoy doing videos and recording more, in fact I even thought about speaking my blogs and have someone transcribe them, but I think video is the future so stand by as I start vlogging! 30 Day Challenge vLog style is coming!

Who would you recommend this challenge to?

I would recommend this to anyone who has just started a blog or someone who has stopped blogging, the 30 day challenge hands down got me off my ass and doing work. One night I was in ben and was like SHIT i forgot to blog. So up I got and got blogging. This challenge is great to get into the habit of not only blogging, but also being at the shops and have a blog idea coz you just saw or heard something random. I use trello to plan my blogs, so when I had these moments I would add it to my ideas list.

What did you struggle the most with? 

The biggest struggle for me was coming up with ideas that I wanted to write about, see I can talk about business and tip for hours, but when it comes to writing about it, different story.

Did you find any part of the challenge easy?

Setting up on wordpress was the easiest part, the rest takes work and commitment. If you really want to make this work for you, you will find a way. It is ok to quit if you find that it is not working, only thing I would suggest is find something that does work. Like maybe guest blogging, video blogging or something simple like a photo a day with a quote.

Did you ever want to quit?

I will be honest, in the last 7 days, maybe 14 times. The last 7 days was by far the hardest, it was the last stretch but was easy to say to myself “well I did most of it, go me!”

Any last tips?

Do this challenge with a group of friends, it is much easier when you are accountable in a group, I guess that is with most things.

Will you do more challenges?

YES! – Head over to my 30 day challenge page to see more and keep up to date.

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

Get a mentor – They don’t even have to know.

Day 28 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Friends,

I have to say that in every book I read, every webinar I watch or seminar I attend, a tip that is always shared is to get a mentor. I would even go as far as saying why stop at 1, you can have many mentors and in fact they don’t even need to know.

While the best outcome would be to have a mentor that you can sit in a room and have a one on one chat with, another option is to find someone who inspires you so much that you just would like to be like them. An example of this would be that many people who want to be a great basketball players would have just wanted to be like Michael Jordan (MJ). In a way people who become obsessed with MJ and watch all his games and know his moves would have been indirectly “mentored” by MJ.

You can apply this in the business world too and these days with social media and google you can find everything about someone who inspires you, for me someone like Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee) would be someone I aspire to and I watch and read everything #GaryVee. I have all his books, watch his videos, read his blog, follow on social and he does not even know it however he is someone I hands down refer to as a mentor. (well he knows now, if he reads this!)

So be sure to find someone you are inspired by and copycat what they are doing, watch and read all their content and chances are you may just turn out like them!

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

If you never have enough time in the day, you need to read this.

Day 23 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hi Friends,

Today I want to quickly share something that I did, that I know will instantly gave you more time in everyday.

This is not some ground breaking news. This is not a high level pro tip. This is not rocket science. It really should be common sense.

All you have to do is delete every time wasting app off your phone, uninstall all the games from your computer and cancel your netflix subscription. And maybe stop with the game consoles while we at it.

Let me tell you, if you want to gain more time than others around you this one discipline alone will give you a competitive advantage. While they play, you hustle!

if you want to gain more time than others around you this one discipline alone will give you a competitive advantage. Click To Tweet

I can not remember the last time I watch live TV with time wasting Ads, I have never owned a game console and Angry Birds… what the hell is that. (the FB invites were enough to waste some of my time) You need to use your time wisely, every bloody second matters.

Time is the one thing we all have equal. yet we all use it so differently. We all have 86,400 seconds a day and you should spend it as wisely as you do with money. Unlike money, this time bank account fills up with 86,400 more every day. make every single second matter.

So think about it, what are you doing right now, is that getting you closer to your goals and dreams?

Night, I am off to hustle.


Business card networking is DEAD, you need to be SOCIAL networking. Are you ready?

Day 22 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hi Friends,

I have some bad news today, the traditional way of networking is DEAD, that is right, you can not longer expect to go to a networking event and hand out business cards or collect them and see your business grow.

We live in a time where everything is high-tech and people are looking for high touch experience when they meet with you. They need to know that you care and you have their interest at heart.

Of late I have started to connect and network using social media and other alternative way.

Here is what I do, when I am at a networking event and people ask me for a business card my response is I don’t have one, let’s connect on linkedin or FB. This enables us to be in contact a lot easier then emails, because let’s face it, email is the new snail mail.

Using SOCIAL media is the new way of networking, over the past 4 weeks I have been revving up my social activity and the amount of like minded and amazing people I have meet via comment chats or direct messages is unreal. The amazing thing is that I can be doing this kind of networking 247, while I am on the train, while I am multitasking and for the hell of it, even in bed in the last hours of hustle.

I 100% still go to networking events as you need to be see to be heard, in fact these days when I go to networking events I try to be more involved with the organization of the event or even be a speaker at the event. If you really want to be noticed then hands down you need to be on the stage, that gives you the best possible chance to meet the most amount of people in the room, with the least amount of effort. Sure that makes Tim Ferriss very happy.

Listen more than you talk, use your ears and mouth ration 2:1 Click To Tweet

My networking tips in somewhat order.

  • Be clear on who you would like to meet and why?
  • Your goal is to have people, Know, Like and Trust you!
  • Be the speaker of the event or host, if that is not possible be the one person in the room that people want to meet.
  • Start conversations by asking simple but open ended questions.
  • Networking is like dating, don’t ask for marriage on the first date.
  • Listen more than you talk, use your ears and mouth ration 2:1
  • IF and only IF you have enjoyed the chat, thank them for their time and ask if they would like to continue the chat after the event.
  • Add on social on the spot! if you have to, get a business card. (Read below what I do when I get a business card)
  • The next day follow your new friend around on social, not stalker style either, DO NOT like old photos that is wired)
  • Then you Jab, Jab, Jab and then Right Hook! (If you don’t know what this is then you need to subscribe to be alerted of my podcast, i’ll be covering that off soon)
  • JV, Partner, Guest Blog, Do lunches and help each other grow & win, win, win!

What I do IF I happen to get a business card

In fact, I often don’t even take the card from them, I simply take a photo. Why? Great Question, not only is it more environmentally friendly, but it enables me to email it to my VA who will try to find the person on social, send friend request and then types all the info right into my iCloud contact so just like BAM the details are in my phone! hey presto! Surly as business owners our time can be used to solve greater problems. right?

Hope you have enjoyed this, please comment below your networking tips, tricks and success.


Massive Action Will Kick Fears Ass

Day 9 of 30 Day blog challenge.

What Is Fear?

Hi friends, did you know there are 1000’s of Fears and Phobias. Fear is one of the most basic human emotions. It is programmed into the nervous system and works like an instinct. From the time we’re infants, we are equipped with the survival instincts necessary to respond with fear when we sense danger or feel unsafe.

However, some fears do not protect us or keep us safe at all, they really just holding us back in life. If you had a fear of public speaking, would you agree that public speaking is safe and not dangerous? The fear of public speaking is really just keeping you out of the public eye and holding you down. Could you imagine our Prime Minister (PM) having a fear of public speaking, do you think they would achieve much during his time in office. I don’t think so.

How to overcome a Fear?

My friends, I am no expert, however I have read many books and listen to many Audio Programs which all touch on Fears. In almost everything I have read and listen to they always say that Action is the only way to cure fear. If you have a fear of heights, and was offered a job which paid well, you would make an effort to overcome your fear and get on with the job. However in many cases there is no extra motive like a cash intensive or payment. So we need to find a new way to gain benefit from overcoming fears.

Each and every one of us will find different ways of overcoming a fear, but at the end of the day we just need to shut up and get out there and do it. The more you do it the easier it becomes, to the point that it will no longer be a fear. So if you would like to overcome the fear of public speaking, the more you put yourself in a position to deliver a speech the better you will be to  overcome your fear.

One of my old fears was meeting new people, few years ago my company was exhibiting at a Trade Show Event. This meant that I was representing my company on the show floor. At the start I was finding things to do, to avoid facing the visitors. After the first day I was walking up to people like I had known them for years! Now I love meeting new people, love it!

What about if I don’t want to overcome a fear?

Then please stop reading my Blog, I have started this blog for people to read and gain some useful knowledge. If you are that closed minded to overcome a fear and stay in your little comfort zone, then just stay there. Bit harsh? I think not, I just know who I want my readers abs listeners to be.

So always “Do what you fear and your fears will disappears”

Well it’s going to be a life of ups and downs, you ready?

Day 8 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hi friends, just a quick post today.

ife_of_an_entrepreneurI have been doing a lot of reading lately about being an entrepreneur and the ups and down that go with it. This image to the right is a perfect representation to shows what a day for entrepreneur is like.

Everyday we boost our self up as being on top of the world full of confidence to only seconds later start to doubt that we are deserving of such a life and will never make it. Why? because we are programmed that being normal is more comfortable and being comfortable is safe. I like to call it mediocrity.

Over the years that I have found that while we want to share all our ideas with everyone around us, they are the ones who want to ‘protect’ us the most so often they will give not the wrong advise but advice that is skewed to protect us and keep us  safe.

I am not sating you can not listen to the ones around you, but my friends they will to some degree hold you back, I have seen it all too often and experienced it first hand. As entrepreneurs we just need to grab the bull by the horns and start to make something of nothing. When we are riding the bull its hard to stop, no matter what ‘protecting’ advice is given to us.

melb-weatherOn a side note… Looking at that image above with all the ups and downs, I have to say it is exactly the same ups and downs that the Melbourne weather follows, so I am calling it right now, “Melbourne is the best place to be an entrepreneur!” Even the weather follows our moods. If you live in melbourne you know what I mean, if not this image to the left should help you work out what I mean.

Lots of Love



Why SYSTEM + FOCUS = Success

Day 3 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Have you heard of McDonalds? Well if you don’t know McDonalds is what we call a franchise and you can not be a franchise without a business SYSTEM. The power of a system is unreal, it works over and over, you just need to follow the system, like a recipe. A strong business system will work with or without you as the business owner and output the same results.

A system has the ability to save yourself time energy and money, see…

Energy &

The power is when you mix a great system with FOCUS, why? Have a look…


Focus allows our mind, body and soul to move in one direction until you are happy with the results.

So if you are after success you must tap into a system and focus!

You don’t know what you don’t know, so be sure to get in front of others who can show you what you don’t know.