My Challenges

30Day3So in 2016 one of my goals is to complete many 30 day challenge, here is my accountability page that I will update as the challenges get announced and links to my experience blog posts.


Vegetarian for 1 year!
1st January 2016 – 31st December 2016
Read my blog about this here 

30 Day Blog Challenge

19th December 2015 to 17th January 2016
Read the blogs here
Read my final day learnings here

7 Day Startup Challenge with Dan Norris.

19th January 2016 to 25th January 2016
More info about this here

30 Day vlog Challenge

27th January 2016 to 25th February 2016
Read and Watch the Vlogs here

30 Day Meditation Challenge
28th March 2016 to 27th April 2016

30 Days Facebook Live Challenge

August – September 2016
more info at


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