I’m 'Regen Ray' and I’m a soil lover.

Your Guide to Discovering Soil and Purpose

My Projects

“No one cares how much you know
‘til they know how much you care.” 

To me, nothing rings truer than this statement. As someone who has helped many businesses and individuals reclaim their purpose and get back in the game, none of my approaches would be as effective if I wasn’t entirely as invested in their pursuits as the business owners or individuals themselves. My caring, protective nature drives me to help wherever I possibly can.

Who Am I

Hello, I am Ray Milidoni, but many know me as ‘Regen Ray’. I am a fervent Soil Health Advocate on a mission to rejuvenate the vitality of our planet’s soils. Through my podcast, “Secrets of the Soil”, I delve into enlightening discussions with experts, unraveling the myriad wonders and critical importance of soil. My professional journey has meandered through marketing, podcasting, mentorship, management, and much more, each venture further anchoring my commitment to soil regeneration.

What Do I Do

As the founder of SoilConnect, I’ve charted a course dedicated to amplifying the marketing outreach of soil-centric enterprises. My online classrooms and webinars serve as a conduit for knowledge sharing about the essence and the love for soils. Beyond that, I am a catalyst helping businesses and individuals rekindle their purpose and stride confidently on their chosen paths. My expertise spans marketing, management, operations, public speaking, podcasting, event management, and beyond, each domain intertwining with my core mission of soil advocacy.

My Dream

My dream is as deep and vast as the soil I advocate for. I envision a world where all 8 billion hearts beat with a profound understanding and reverence for the life humming beneath their feet – the soil. I am a staunch believer in the transformative power of education. My grand ambition is to kindle a global movement, educating and inspiring every soul to appreciate the indispensable role of soil in our ecosystem and our sustenance. I dream of a world where every individual cultivates their food, cherishes the soil, and comprehends its pivotal role in our collective survival and flourishing. This bond with the soil transcends mere understanding; it’s about nurturing a profound respect and care for this invaluable treasure that cradles the roots of our existence.


What Makes Me Unique

If I see someone in trouble, I help out in any way that I can.
I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve our life.
I feel driven to make a difference in my community and also the world.
I enjoy facing and overcoming obstacles to my ideas.
Nothing is more exciting than seeing my ideas turn into reality.
If I see something that I do not like, I fix it.
No matter what the odds, if I believe in something, I will make it happen.
I love being a champion for my ideas, even against others’ opposition.
I excel at identifying opportunities.
I am always looking for better ways to do things.
I love to challenge the status quo.
When I have a problem, I tackle it head-on.
I am great at turning problems into opportunities.
I can spot a good opportunity long before others can.

Know Thyself

Spend more to learn about yourself then knowledge


Ray’s ENFJ personality type sets him apart from others with his personable, responsive, and curious nature. People gravitate towards him as he proves himself to be trustworthy, loyal, and insightful to the highest degree. His empathetic nature allows him to relate to people, understand their problems fully, then come back to them with resourcefulness and expressive creativity to provide a regenerative, lasting solution.

Kolbe-A (3-2-8-7)

With Kolbe-A (3-2-8-7) strengths relating to Simplify – Innovate – Adapt – Protect, Ray is well adept at seeing the bigger picture, thriving on interruptions, defying the odds, and building sturdy foundations to support any project or culmination of ideas. This combination of strengths makes him a force to be reckoned with when it comes to organisation, creative problem solving and simply making a difference for the better.

Enneagram Type 2

Enneagram Type 2, often referred to as The Helper, is characterised by an intrinsic desire to assist and nurture others. Individuals with this personality type thrive on forming connections, offering support, and being of service. They are often warm, empathetic, and generous, always willing to step in when others are in need. Their nurturing nature makes them incredibly approachable and reliable. However, their eagerness to help can sometimes overshadow their own needs, and they may require reminders to attend to their own well-being. Ray, with his enduring commitment to educating and aiding others in understanding the importance of soil health, embodies the nurturing and altruistic essence of Enneagram Type 2. Through his ventures, he seamlessly blends his helping nature with his professional pursuits, extending a helping hand to both the earth beneath and the people around him.