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Co-citizen on Earth currently as a business partner of Farming Secrets

Helping Farmers with Soil Health at Farming Secrets a Regenerative & Natural Farming Education Company.

I started my first business in high school at the age of 15 and haven’t stopped building businesses since. I am often called the “glue” – always fixing problems and connecting people.

My passion for business and helping people led me to start a successful business podcast called Razor Sharp Show, you should listen!

When I reconnected to the source of food and discovered how quality nutrient food can heal your body, my life has never been the same. I am 40Kgs lighter and the quality of my life has improved immeasurably.

Myers Briggs says I am an ENFJ, My Kolbe A™ Index is 3287.

I love solving problems. Give me a go, request a booking below and let’s see if I can help.

what drives me


If there is a will... there is a Ray

If I see someone in trouble, I help out in any way that I can.
I am constantly on the lookout for new ways to improve my life.
I feel driven to make a difference in my community and also the world.
I enjoy facing and overcoming obstacles to my ideas.
Nothing is more exciting than seeing my ideas turn into reality.
If I see something that I do not like, I fix it.
No matter what the odds, if I believe in something, I will make it happen.
I love being a champion for my ideas, even against others’ opposition.
I excel at identifying opportunities.
I am always looking for better ways to do things.
I love to challenge the status quo.
When I have a problem, I tackle it head-on.
I am great at turning problems into opportunities.
I can spot a good opportunity long before others can.


  • CARE
  • HELP

Will Power Project

  • 2021 – TBA (Theme – GIVE MORE)
  • 2020 – Scale Impact Business (Theme – SELF LOVE)
  • 2019 – Go to Gym 5-6 Days a Week. (Theme – REGENERATIVE)
  • 2018 – Detox our Home, Body and Life. Remove chemicals from life. (Theme – CHANGE)
  • 2017 – No Added Sugar – only 2 pieces of low sugar fruits. (Theme – IMPACT)
  • 2016 – Vegetarian – No Meat or Fish. (Theme – MASSIVE ACTION)
  • 2015 – No Soft Drinks & Shop Local, no Coles or Safeway.
  • 2014 – No Fast Food, Macca’s, KFC, HJ’s & Red Rooster.
  • 2013 – No Chips/Fries – It’s too easy to order extra chips, not this year!
  • 2012 – No Coffee - I have been drinking coffee since I was two, not kidding.
  • 2011 – No Alcohol.
  • 2008 – Vegetarian

Ray-ving Reviews

At the end of the day it’s not what I say I can do, it is what others are saying about me!

Ray is the epitome of an entrepreneur. A solution based thinker who possess the perfect combination of skill sets to be our General Manager. He is constantly thinking outside of the box and taking a holistic approach to manage the company with efficiency and effectiveness. Equipped with a wealth of knowledge, Ray has a thorough understanding of the digital world making him an absolute pleasure to work with and with for, at WME.

Rochelle D’Costa
Account Director

It is always delightful to work with someone with the energy, passion, extraordinary knowledge and customer service skills as Ray and his team.

Lyn Beinat
CEO ecoMaster

Ray is an absolute rockstar when it comes to connecting individuals. He blends his passion for digital marketing and event management to produce memorable events. Through attracting high calibre individuals to his events, I along many others have benefited through growing our network

Bin Teo
Marketing and Advertising Simple Growth

Ray Milidoni is an exceptional manager who has guided me through many turbulent moments in my career. He has been a mentor and a friend, providing support and encouragement while promoting autonomy. Ray has a vast knowledge bank of the digital landscape and is always working on expanding that knowledge further. I am confident he will achieve all he sets his mind to, and more.

Zac Matheson
Experiential Strategist

Ray has been an amazing mentor with a strong fundamental belief in helping others, which has enabled him to meet goals with the help of strong, fast paced teams. It is this passion for helping others that is of remarkable rarity in organisations today. Moreover his educational spirit can always be felt, elevating everyone around him at all times. I highly recommend Ray for any leadership role.

Mark McDowell
Senior Digital Account Manager

Ray is a hard-working, entrepreneurial thinking, genuine good guy. He was an amazing mentor when we worked together and continues to be so. He always has a solution to every problem and his knowledge of all things digital and the tools available results in higher productivity for everyone he works with.

Kate Somerville
Senior Account Manager

Ray has an outstanding ability to lead by example. An extremely hard worker, in such a fast paced work environment, he was able to take the largest digital agency in the country and mend its flaws. A great asset to any organisation!

Michael Joseph
Head of Strategy – SEO, PPC, Conversion

Ray is a inspiring leader. As GM he is instrumental in the day to day running of WME. Across multiple departments Ray is able to meticulously identify areas where the business can achieve great efficiencies, in turn contributing to a happier and more effective workplace.

Further to this analytical approach to growing WME, Ray always makes himself available should anyone need advice, inspiration or guidance on issues both work related and not.
It is this personable approach to Management that has seen Ray become an extremely effective and supportive leader at WME.

Ryley Berry
Project Administrator

After doing my 6 P’s of Podcasting Course the team at Happen Films made this amazing video!

Happen Films
Impact Film Makers

Love this fresh podcast. Ray is entertaining and always has a great take on everything. Guests are top of their game and full of good advice. Thanks Ray!

Gin McInneny
Marketing & Communications Manager WP Elevation

After doing some work with David Jenyns for his Authority Content book launch event, Ray received this video Review/Testimonials! Thanks DAVE! Please watch the video below

David Jenyns
Author & Director Authority Content

Ray Milidoni is the Top level business adviser & operator that I have ever met. Ray has a high standard of ethic’s, brings forward positive and genuine business practices and has organised “off his own back and to his credit” a method to bring these people into the spotlight via podcasting. Ray has all the following attributes to succeed at to “turn any business into a Multi million dollar company”. Ray has highly refined people skills, always makes you feel welcome and gives you feeling of trust. In watching from the outside in, Ray has a structured intelligence and personal experience he can bring to any business table. Ray has done the hard miles and has earned his place and has thrown everything at the industry he loves. I have attended functions and listening to other business owners thru podcasts about their personal experiences. I have learned so much and have found this as an amazing way to “Tap into high level of personal experiences in business, career and people”. With work I believe.. “Work is our love made visible!”. loyal follower, Toni

Toni Rose Cowie
IT & Business Strategist & Student

Ray has been a true inspiration to me as not only a colleague but also a leader. He utilizes his wealth of experience to problem solve but also leads by example, demonstrating a hunger to evolve and develop new skills. As General Manger, often tasked with many objectives, he tackles these with the utmost efficiency whilst also providing the highest level of support to his staff. In short, Ray is a real pleasure to work with.

Lawrence Sweeney
Senior Account Manager

As GM and as a person, Ray goes out of his way to help everyone. He’s an inspiring leader and mentor, and is never too busy to offer advice and guidance. He is continually pushing me to be better and I find his leadership takes me beyond what I thought possible, both personally and professionally.

His friendly style is easy to be around, while he works hard to keep us sharp and on track. He combines light-heartedness with focus that drives us to work hard without feeling under pressure, getting the best out of everyone around him.

David Pagotto
Digital Marketing Consultant