Are you a Multipotentialite? Yes, it is a real word, the video explains!

Day 29 of 30 Day Blog Challenge

Hi Friends,

Today I would like to introduce you to a new word, Multipotentialite.

I became rather excited when I watched Emilie Wapnick TED Talk, video is below for your enjoyment. I was excited because for too long I was under the thought that I needed to be one thing when I grew up. Why is that? Why can you not be a farmer and a digital marker?

I often would read that you need to find your one true passion and then do that to be successful, but for me I had passion for more than one thing and the things I was passionate about were not closely connected, and to top that off, they all made me happy!

If you read my CV you would think I had some split personalities going on, Self Employed, Web Designer, LED Lighting, Caravans, Business Owner, GM! Arrr! stop too much!

After watching the TED talk and discovering what a Multipotentialite was I felt at home and relaxed. I knew that there were others in the same boat, I also realised that I am a Multipotentialite, the best things about the talk was when Emilie talks about intersections. My mind blew up and the ideas started to flow. The though of getting multiple passions, finding their intersections and creating a career in that! Truly a Ah ha moment for me.

Enough from me, watch the TEDTalk below!

[ted id=2341]

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

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Ray Milidoni

Ray Milidoni