I made it! – 30 Day Blog Challenge

Day 30 of 30 Day Blog Challenge – Done!

Hi Friends,

WOW! The end of this Challenge has come, and what a Journey it has been. I answer some questions about the experience, if you did not do the challenge then I hope you join me on some of my upcoming challenges.

Was the challenge what you expected?

No and Yes, I actually thought this challenge would be about writing blogs, so this part was as expected. What I did not expect to learn is how much my blog would evolve of the 30 days to have more features. What I found is this while I was writing different types of blogs I was thinking of new features to add to my blog, like image light boxes, sign up forms and cool plugins like tweet this. The more I blogged and shared the more I learned.

What did you learn from the challenge?

The main thing I learned from this challenge was that you need to plan ahead and be organised. Towards the end I started to be less organised and I ran into writers block and had no idea what to blog about. I also learned that I hate writing. lol I know that sounds strange given that I have a blog but I am not designed to blog daily. Moving forward it will be weekly or even a few times a month, when I have something solid to share. I also learned that I enjoy doing videos and recording more, in fact I even thought about speaking my blogs and have someone transcribe them, but I think video is the future so stand by as I start vlogging! 30 Day Challenge vLog style is coming!

Who would you recommend this challenge to?

I would recommend this to anyone who has just started a blog or someone who has stopped blogging, the 30 day challenge hands down got me off my ass and doing work. One night I was in ben and was like SHIT i forgot to blog. So up I got and got blogging. This challenge is great to get into the habit of not only blogging, but also being at the shops and have a blog idea coz you just saw or heard something random. I use trello to plan my blogs, so when I had these moments I would add it to my ideas list.

What did you struggle the most with? 

The biggest struggle for me was coming up with ideas that I wanted to write about, see I can talk about business and tip for hours, but when it comes to writing about it, different story.

Did you find any part of the challenge easy?

Setting up on wordpress was the easiest part, the rest takes work and commitment. If you really want to make this work for you, you will find a way. It is ok to quit if you find that it is not working, only thing I would suggest is find something that does work. Like maybe guest blogging, video blogging or something simple like a photo a day with a quote.

Did you ever want to quit?

I will be honest, in the last 7 days, maybe 14 times. The last 7 days was by far the hardest, it was the last stretch but was easy to say to myself “well I did most of it, go me!”

Any last tips?

Do this challenge with a group of friends, it is much easier when you are accountable in a group, I guess that is with most things.

Will you do more challenges?

YES! – Head over to my 30 day challenge page to see more and keep up to date.

Till next time, always be sharpening your saw.

#RazorSharp – Ray

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Ray Milidoni

Ray Milidoni