Just hit publish. Planning for 2016

Day 10 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Recently I was chatting to Troy Dean a friend and mentor of mine at a Christmas party and his advice as always blew me away.

His advice was to unsubscribe from what others are doing and just hit publish. So after that dinner I started to unsubscribe so far about 100 lists and counting. Now I am publishing… no edits, nothing fancy just starting to publish. I promise they will get better.

Below is a quick video on how I am planning for 2016!


Lots of Love


Video Transcript

00:00:00.000 –> 00:00:07.089
hey friends and today I am broadcasting
live from the farm I just want to do a

00:00:07.089 –> 00:00:11.040
quick video cause I’m not getting a
chance to actually write a blog today so

00:00:11.040 –> 00:00:17.100
I thought I just quickly doing a video
entry log so basically I just wanted to

00:00:17.100 –> 00:00:22.750
give a quick shout out to you know
everyone who is putting their goals

00:00:22.750 –> 00:00:27.849
together for 2016 and how important it
is to really visualize what 2016 is

00:00:27.849 –> 00:00:33.280
going to look like for you the reason
why I’m down at the farm of spent the

00:00:33.280 –> 00:00:38.760
afternoon really just embracing my
surroundings in nature and

00:00:38.760 –> 00:00:43.629
putting pen to paper you know not even
actually texting notes or you know

00:00:43.629 –> 00:00:47.770
typing on a computer but actually
writing pen to paper out the gulls and

00:00:47.770 –> 00:00:52.000
things that I’d like to achieve in 2016

00:00:52.000 –> 00:00:58.510
I’ll be bringing out a fairly new
program online and you know planning is

00:00:58.510 –> 00:01:04.089
really big part of what I need to do in
order for it to be successful so I’ve

00:01:04.089 –> 00:01:08.670
been spending some time really putting
that together and and been quite amazed

00:01:08.670 –> 00:01:12.340
in a very short amount of time how much
are being able to just let the energy

00:01:12.340 –> 00:01:19.640
flowing through my mind and and and give
you ideas down on pen on paper is very

00:01:19.640 –> 00:01:23.159
different from you know sitting at a
computer and writing all the time

00:01:23.159 –> 00:01:29.229
so I just really wanted to shout out to
everyone who is putting their goals and

00:01:29.229 –> 00:01:35.040
their their vision for 2016 together but
more importantly to encourage everyone

00:01:35.040 –> 00:01:38.759
to actually write it down make sure that
you know your body

00:01:38.759 –> 00:01:43.840
physiology actually feels you know what
it’s like and then bring that feeling to

00:01:43.840 –> 00:01:49.420
visualize action and actually understand
what it feels like to succeed and

00:01:49.420 –> 00:01:53.549
getting that goal and and live that
moment as if it’s actually already

00:01:53.549 –> 00:01:58.290
happened you know the act as if
principal so you know I just really want

00:01:58.290 –> 00:02:01.890
to stress the importance get some you
know photos together put it on an ideas

00:02:01.890 –> 00:02:07.540
board, dream board, vision board
getting a goals bork throughout the

00:02:07.540 –> 00:02:11.270
program next year I’m going to talk
about a lot of the things that have gone

00:02:11.270 –> 00:02:13.000
really worked well for me

00:02:13.000 –> 00:02:19.700
and really set the pace for for what
I’ve been able to achieve in in my

00:02:19.700 –> 00:02:25.230
business world and personal life and you
know this isn’t my farm but I’m on a

00:02:25.230 –> 00:02:32.040
friend’s farm at the moment but in 2015
I brought my own farm and some of the

00:02:32.040 –> 00:02:36.670
journey you going to experience it mean
2016 is going to be from the farm so

00:02:36.670 –> 00:02:41.959
that’s been a life goal that’s been on a
dream board for about 15 years and maybe

00:02:41.959 –> 00:02:48.150
ten years actually been on a dream board
and vision book you have really

00:02:48.150 –> 00:02:54.160
been able to visualize that and
manifested and create a very very own

00:02:54.160 –> 00:03:02.260
farms so you know really do believe in
the power of attraction and if you

00:03:02.260 –> 00:03:06.630
really live and breath it that you know you
don’t have to believe it down to the I

00:03:06.630 –> 00:03:10.540
want to bike and there appears a bike but if
you do you really know that what you

00:03:10.540 –> 00:03:17.320
want is clearly focused memory then you
really can do whatever it takes to

00:03:17.320 –> 00:03:23.310
make to make it happen so yeah just
quick shout outs you guys sorry about

00:03:23.310 –> 00:03:28.320
the quality off my phone and just getting
used to the whole blogging and

00:03:28.320 –> 00:03:32.860
podcasting so really capturing for 2016
gonna be a massive massive year with

00:03:32.860 –> 00:03:38.140
massive action can’t wait to start the
ball rolling and that’s what I’ve been

00:03:38.140 –> 00:03:42.480
planning the last couple of days is just
really what this next year is going to

00:03:42.480 –> 00:03:45.790
look like and some of the programs and
you know putting together some

00:03:45.790 –> 00:03:51.049
blueprints and boot camps and quick
freebie courses and things like that so

00:03:51.049 –> 00:03:56.030
around start up business and
entrepreneurship and so forth so really

00:03:56.030 –> 00:04:01.769
excited to start delivering that content
so stay tuned and lots of love Ray

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Ray Milidoni

Ray Milidoni