My Yearly Challenges

Every year myself and a group of friends do a 12-month challenge. Below is a list (more as a reminder to myself) of what I have done! Notice we always go without something… ummm…


2018 – Detox our home, body and life, Remove Chemicals from life. (Theme – CHANGE)

2017 – No Added Sugar – Nothing at all, only 2 bits of low sugar fruits. (Theme – IMPACT)

2016 – Vegetarian – No Meat or Fish (Theme – MASSIVE ACTION)

2015 – No Soft drinks & Shop Local, no Coles or Safeway (shopping locally is ongoing now)

2014 – No Fast Food, Macca’s, KFC, HJ’s & Red Rooter

2013 – No Chips/Fries – It’s too easy to order extra chips, not this year

2012 – No Coffee

2011 – No Alcohol

2010 – Can’t Remember

2009 – Can’t Remember

2008 – Vegetarian

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