One Thing Equals EVERYTHING

Day 14 of 30 Day blog challenge.

Hey Friends,

Have you ever noticed that organised people at work tend to be organised in other parts of their life? 

Given that today is the 1st of the 1st I thought it would be fitting to share this principle. One thing = everything.  

This principle basically highlights that the way people do one thing is how they will do everything. 

Let me throw you an example. Someone who is super neat with their car is highly likely to have other parts of their life neat, like their desk at work, their bedroom and even their mind. Everything will be neat. 

With this in mind it also means that we can tell a lot about someone by the way they act or present themselves.  

The biggest example that just gets me so mad is when people say on their resume/CV that they have attention to detail however they have bullet points that don’t even line up. Are you bloody shitting me? I will be honest I rip these CVs up. 

Friends it is important to always act within in your zone of beliefs, don’t say you are something like a tidy person but your car has not been cleaned since 1995, your room is a mess and your to do lists look like a mind map. 

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I am not saying that you need to judge people too quickly but keep in mind that someone who let’s say can not get their act together when pitching to you, will not have their act together when doing business with you. Simple. Stay away and find someone that aligns with your expectations.

So remember everyone is always watching and one thing equals everything. 

#razorSharp – Always be sharpening the saw.


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Ray Milidoni

Ray Milidoni